Monday, April 18, 2011

Victoria does Enough to Win Bronze

Australian Paralympic Football Nationals: Adelaide 2011

Bronze Medal Match: Victoria v South Australia
Even though Victoria and South Australia were not playing off for a gold medal their match for bronze was no less intense and no less exciting than the gold medal match.
The crowd had gathered for this all important match between the relative newcomers of Australian Paralympic Football.
The early stages of the game were highlighted by some great work down the right side from Ben Hall, Ryan Kinner and danger man Thomas Goodman. With this early pressure it looked like South Australia were going to take the ascendency, but Victoria through backs Joseph Acetta, Brad Fisher and a recovering Ben Roche held them off.
It was end to end football and when Victorian Captain, Ben Roche, picked up the ball and counter attacked down the left side beating Thomas Goodman. It looked dangerous for the South Australian’s until James Von Stanke went in for the slide ackle. This seemed to delay Roche’s advance, but lucky for him the ball bounced back at his feet only with the Goalkeeper to beat. It was only a magnificent save by Tim Moore that kept the slate clean going into the half time break.

Ben Roche busts past Ben Hall (SA)

Early in the second half some good lead up work by Ryan Kinner and Josh Seaman required Victoria’s Chris Barty to keep the score even, denying Goodman at close range.
Goodman beats Noonan (Victoria) on the outside
As players from both teams started to fatigue it was the defensive wall of Brad Fisher and Joseph Acetta that made it difficult for the South Australians.
To get a result this match needed a touch of brilliance and that came in the form of another counter attacking run from Ben Roche down the left side.After a pass from Acetta to Fisher and then onto Roche he managed to beat Moore on the near post at what seemed like an impossible angle to make it 1-0 Victoria.
A counter attacking Ben Roche gives Victoria the lead
Thomas from South Australia was asked to do too much in the dying minutes, but did manage to beat two players in the Victorian defensive third only for his shot to be parried off the post by Victorian Keeper Chris Barty.
Goodman shoots for goal in the dying minutes of the second half
A short time later Roche penetrated the South Australian defensive line once again, but this time in a one on one with Moore, the Keeper didn’t stand a chance.
All in all a very successful tournament and Football Federation South Australia and The Australian Paralympic Committee’s Cathy Lambert should be commended for their professionalism and organisation of the 2011 Australian Paralympic Football Nationals.
Bronze Medal winners Victoria

Part of the Crowd at Adelaide Shores